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Thursday, March 31, 2016

The Tangible Maps Exhibit at NACIS 2015

It has been a long hiatus, but I am returning to this project! In fact, there were some developments back in October of 2015 that I'm now catching up on blogging.

Thanks to my previous presentation at NACIS 2013, I was able to team up with fellow NACIS-ites Matt Dooley and Jake Coolidge to curate a special exhibit of tangible maps as part of the annual NACIS map gallery.

The exhibit is now documented in an article in Cartographic Perspectives as well as a dedicated blog.

My bathymetric book was featured alongside several other works. The exhibited maps were linked to the concept of tangibility in a variety of ways. Some, like mine, were meant to be touched by the map user. Other mapmakers highlighted the importance of touch in their design development or their production process.

One of my favorite pieces was Matt Dooley's beautiful "Ceramic," carved with a river network. One of these tiles now hangs on the wall in my home office!

Photo by Charles P. Rader
Photo by Dylan Moriarty

Megen Brittell, Amy Lobben, Megan Lawrence, and Manny Garcia's "Tactile Map Symbols across Three Media" was especially interesting. They conducted a study to compare materials for creating maps to be read by touch, like braille. I especially liked the microcapsule paper, which I had never encountered before. The microcapsule paper is first printed with regular ink, then heat-treated to create raised areas wherever ink has been printed. 

 Microcapsule paper. Photo by Charles P. Rader

The exhibit is documented in an article in the journal Cartographic Perspectives as well as a blog at

Photo by Dylan Moriarty

Photo by Dylan Moriarty

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