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Thursday, June 9, 2016

Prototype 2, April 2016

This April, I've been building a new prototype and inching closer to my ideal. I've been trying out materials, refining the structure, and improving the production method.
This has been a slow, iterative process.

I've been "auditioning" paper and cloth to find just the right materials.

Here's what it could potentially look like without any color:


Laser-cutting the book board went well, although it does produce a lot of soot on the edges.


I cut strips of flat magnetic sheet (sold as vent covers) to hold large sheets of paper down on the laser bed- a significant improvement from previous trials, when the paper would easily lift up and ruin the cuts:


A curved needle makes it easier to sew a coptic binding:

I developed a process for cutting and assembling the Merriam Cone feature, a stack of concentric circles that need to be glued into one unit. I leave about 1 mm of their outline uncut so I don't lose the tiny pieces through the laser cutter bed. I then stack them on a jig built with two sewing needles to align the first 10 pieces. The final 2 layers cover the holes.


I am happy with the binding and the shape of the case (hard cover), but many structure-related questions linger. I'm still working out how to...

- embed the magnets in the cover
- secure the sewing to the cover
- fold the cloth around the cover

My goals still look very similar to what I was working on in late 2013. Progress is slow, but I'll keep at it!

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