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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Book cloth samples

After looking at several cloth samples from different suppliers, I recently requested two samples of Japanese book cloth from the Campbell-Logan Bindery in Minneapolis. 

Cloth 541-01 is a bright silver with slightly raised streaks in its texture. 

Cloth 361-B is a medium grey with just the faintest deep blue mottling. It feels thin, flat and smooth, yet slightly soft to the touch. Viewed at an angle, it's shiny- almost metallic. 

After receiving the physical samples, I'm really drawn to cloth 361-B for this project.  It has just enough variation in color to make it neither too flat nor too noticeable. I think the fine, smooth texture of the cloth will compliment the sleek laser cuts, unlike the linen that I tried earlier

Cloth 361-B also has a hint of distant-mountains blue that fits well with the colors of the landscape of Crater Lake. 

Here's the cloth sample next to a test laser cut: 

I will probably order either 5 yards (about $100) or 10 yards (just under $150) of material for testing. Then I'll work on a pattern for wrapping the cloth around the book board, a method of anchoring the sewing to the cover, and other details of cover construction. 

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